Trial Representation

Since its inception in 2000, Wolfenzon Rolle has defended a significant number of trials and negotiated numerous complex settlements. Wolfenzon Rolle handles all aspects of complex injury cases, including employment, government liability, wrongful death, product liability, transportation related incidents and all aspects of complex construction matters. Our firm litigates cases throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.


Clients are confident looking Wolfenzon Rolle at all stages of litigation.

  • From the inception to develop an efficient and effective strategy
  • When a case takes an unexpected turn due to the discovery of facts or evidence
  • Just prior to trial to send the message: “We are ready to try the case.”


Our trial experience allows us to think like the jury and make complex concepts understandable.

  • We manage and adapt to unanticipated evidence effectively and confidently.
  • Our high ethical standards in dealing with adversaries, judges and juries results in a more favorable outcome.
  • We have the insight to develop evidence through discovery for effective presentation at trial.


Wolfenzon Rolle takes pride in its prominence in the legal community.

  • Wolfenzon Rolle has developed a reputation for joining cases midstream or right before trial when there is a need for experienced trial counsel or sophisticated settlement counsel.
  • We signal at any stage of the litigation: there will be a serious contest.
  • We work together as a team to reach the most economical result.